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Incorporated 1990, Numis-Phil (Singapore) Pte Ltd, is one of the largest wholesaler of banknotes and coins in the world. With more than 30 years of vast experience and knowledge in this field, we supply worldwide banknotes and coins to major companies, including large department stores with worldwide chains, airline/tour agencies, consumer products companies, financial institutions, etc. for corporate events such as promotions/campaigns and also to be used as corporate gifts.

Marketing Ideas

Lead Generation

Attracting your customers to get in contact with your company, enter their
name into your database or joining a contest by offering free banknotes or coins as a
form of invitation.

Advertising and Promotional Campaigns

Using REAL money in an advertising/promotional campaigns gets the message
right there. Money communicates effectively whether you’re asking your customers to
save more money, or to illustrate loss of money by not engaging your consulting
services, or to demonstrate its value in your products.

Direct Marketing

What would you do if you receive a mail with the words “Contains MONEY –
Do Not Trash!” on the envelope? People are naturally attracted to it because we all
love money. Your direct-mailings are not thrown away, or at least your targeted audience
will keep the banknote for longer-term remembrance. After all, no one throws away money!

Business-to-business Marketing

For professional business services such as management/marketing consultants,
advertising companies, or whatever, you could use REAL banknotes or Million Dollar limited
edition souvenir note to carry the message of “high-profitability”.

Imagine if you receive a mailing from a management consulting firm with a million-dollar
note or 100 different genuine world currencies, or 12 different banknotes, coins and/or stamps
affixed inside a calendar together with a letter revealing some strategies to increase business
or sales volume and an explanation of your services. If you are a marketing consultant, think
about enclosing a Million Dollar souvenir note or genuine currency together with your proposal
to your client!

Financial Institutions

Launch programs and promotions by giving away real genuine banknotes and/or coins
to attract your customers to open new accounts, or an offer to give them away genuine
banknotes/coins at a branch opening ceremony to encourage kids to open savings accounts. You
can even use real currencies to announce your international financial services.

Travel and Tour Agencies & Airline Companies

Give away free banknotes and coins of the countries or continents in relation to
the tour package you are offering. Attract more customers by giving away or bundling your
package with currencies or coins of historical origins.

Gas Stations/Petrol Kiosks

Give away different banknotes or coins with every fill-up to encourage repeat sales.
Customers are motivated to visit you on the next fill-up with the interest implanted in their
mind that they would receive another different banknote on the next visit.

Consumer Products

What better ways to attract customers and increase sales if you are marketing consumer
items such as cereals, toys, children’s books and magazines, educational CD-ROMs and games, or
whatever? Kids are naturally attracted by money and using different banknotes each time or
packaging is sure to create an interest for collection of world currencies, coins/phone cards.
This promotion can also be used by fast-food or restaurant chains innovatively.

Credit Card Companies

Use real banknotes to promote your monthly offerings. Give them a complimentary set of
banknotes and/or coins when their purchase exceeds a certain amount.

Food Industries/Soft drink Manufacturers

Create a “Sure-Win” Draw. Launch a promotion/campaign to get consumers to buy your
beverages which comes with a pull-out flap (or sticker, whatever) that has a “sure-win” prize
of a genuine banknote. This generates repeat interests within consumers’ mind to buy more
of your products as every “sure-win” gets a different banknote or coin each time!

Shares and Stocks Brokers

Use a Million Dollar limited edition souvenir note to drive straight to the point when
sending mailers to your potential investors to amplify its current bullish market condition.

Property Developers

Launching a new real estate project? Send out different currency banknotes to inform
prospective clients of your soft launch and venue. You could even further enhance your
marketing program by emphasizing the returns the investors could get, say, within the next
1 year.

Begin with a statement like: “Congratulations, you have received a genuine banknote of
50,000,000,000 Dinar from one of the European countries. Please keep this as a souvenir! It is
our way of telling you there’s real PROFITS of a guaranteed rental and/or investment return of
at least ….% over the next year should you decide to invest in this prestigious development
project – XXX Plaza. Call our hotline …. to make a reservation during our soft launch! We
even have a pleasant surprise waiting for you!….

Remember: Nobody throws money away!

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